Tuesday, May 16, 2017

CPNP Annual Meeting

It was a great meeting out in Arizona last month.  There was much to be happy with for this years annual meeting. Will give a quick run down of the things that were great about this years meeting.

First, Phoenix is a wonderful city to host the meeting. The weather there in spring is perfect meeting weather (or for hiking, camping, city exploring or almost any outdoor activity). Yes, it gets warm but that nice dry Arizona warm that doesn't leave you feeling soggy and gritty. Wearing formal men's wear and walking a few city blocks to the meeting location was not problem. The city itself is situated only minutes from the airport, making it incredibly easy to fly in and out. Since Frontier operates there it is relatively inexpensive to travel from Cincinnati. Was able to nab air for less than 200 dollars round trip including a checked bag. This trip used Uber to get to my hotel but know from past experience that the car rental garage located at the airport is equally easy to utilize.

Lets be honest, the meeting is reason for travel but the location is much of the draw. Phoenix has plenty to attract worldly seekers. Foodies have plenty to taste and sample in the city with lots of local southwest influence and straight American city fine dinning too. Other city and cultural attractions include Heard Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West, and the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve to name a few.

For those that just want to get out of the city and explore the desert there is also plenty to do both for brief hiking interludes and extended adventures. The Apache Trail is at least a half-day of scenic desert mountain that requires a full tank of gas and a car capable of unpaved road. Our compact rental did just fine on the trail in 2008. For a challenging hike but beautiful hike, Camelback mountain is only minutes away from the city center. It can be done in half a day, but if you don't mind skipping the peak you can hike for as long as you have time.

If you can manage a few extra days in Arizona, then driving to Sedona is mandatory. Plenty of moderate hikes that are full of breath-taking scenery. Sedona has enough to do that you could stay for as long as you have money. Good food, incredible art, outdoor activities, spas and just plain relaxation. There are other excursions from Sedona to visit an old mining town and preserved Palatki cliff dwellings. If more time allows then a visit to Prescott, Flagstaff or the Grand Canyon could be in order.  Obviously, the Grand Canyon could demand a little more time, but it is possible to visit the south rim briefly and come back another time for more thorough explorations. We did hike 95% of the Bright Angel Trail in a single day back in 2008 (when younger in our peak physical shape) but I would not recommend. If ever done again would not attempt hiking from rim to river and back in a single day, although some in top condition run this route.

As for the meeting it also was an amazing success and incredibly well done. The CPNP programming committee did an outstanding job to put on a stimulating and thought generating agenda. The programming for trainees continues to grow and there is a new mentoring program for clinicians to meet with trainees and provide some perspective and guidance. The technical aspects of utilization of technology was the best I have ever seen for a large conference. When visiting the meeting website, it would automatically take you to the programming that was currently active to minimize need for searching/scrolling to find slides and evaluations. The CPNP staff did an outstanding job with not only the interactive web design but providing outstanding organization in all other aspects of the meeting as well. Thanks to Vanessa, Greg and Brenda for all the work they do for the organization in pulling off another great meeting.

If time allows I will come back to review individual programming, but until then will just leave the link to closing key-note speaker from another venue/date.