Friday, August 26, 2016

Well... its been a year and still not much here.  

So, Its time to change that. 

Some great news to share.

University of Cincinnati now has a CPNP student chapter with the chapter adviser being CPNP member Elizabeth Weed, PharmD. Congratulations to UC College of Pharmacy and several key members for getting this off the ground.  The current UC CPNP student president has done great job of discussing the benefits of CPNP with the student government as well as faculty and administrators.  The chapter adviser has also advocated for creation of this chapter which will serve to improve mental health awareness among pharmacy students so they may later be better equipped to serve that population.  The student chapter originated back in February 2016.  The chapter was pleased to welcome the CPNP President Elect as their first speaker.

Topics of Discussion and knowledge sharing...
With re-certifications, work projects, students, residents, family's and hobbies it seems there is no time for any type of 'recreational learning'.  But what if there were a organized pre-determined time to meet with other psychiatric curious pharmacists, pharmacy students, and non-pharmacist health professionals in a relaxed setting on an ongoing basis to think about and discuss key psychopharmacolgical issues?  

Well that's what Ammature PsychPharm Andragogy Meeting of Minds (APAMM) is all about. When is our first meeting you ask?, well maybe we have already met. Yes, it is that informal although is about to get some structure.  

To kick of APAMM there will be a short series of break-in meetings that are a little more structured to hit some key BCPP Exam review topics and didactic for interested pharmacists.   Meeting Wed Aug 31st at 4pm, place TBD.  The usual suspects at this point would be Cactus Pear and Panera both in Clifton.   

Cincinnati VA PGY2 Residency Program recently had their first ASHP accreditation survey.  Several key pharmacy members felt the survey went well.  During the close-out summary of findings, the ASHP survey team reported NO findings of non-compliance.  Some areas of partial compliance were found but the residency program is awaiting a final report.  While awaiting the final report, the program director and preceptors are working on several updates to meet areas of partial findings.  

The PGY2 Psychiatric Pharmacy residency program graduated its second resident in June 2016. Congratulations to Nicole Fioravanti PharmD. for completing the program requirements successfully. Dr. Fioravanti is staying with the Cincinnati VA Medical Center as a pharmacist.  

In July, Christina Bonanno PharmD. began the 2016-17 residency year as the programs 3rd resident.  Dr. Bonanno is enthusiastic to integrate pharmacy into the delivery and quality improvement of psychiatric pharmacy care.   

The residency program director is working with the VA Webmaster to open a webpage that contains official information for the program.  Currently the national VA Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) group also lists program brochures for VA residency programs, including the Cincinnati PGY2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Residency program.  Here is the link to the 2015 brochure.  Official web page and 2016 brochure is expected to be live by mid-October.